OCEAN-BEAST is one of the safest boats on earth. A superstructure which is entirely above water so that saltwater can not enter and influence lifespan. The superwide beam of 11.1 m combined with a low center of gravity creates a very stable catamaran - on anchor as well as on the way. The hulls have more than 170 tons of buoyancy which allows the BEAST to withstand harshest sea conditions. Low draft of only 0.7 m allow to slip in shallow anchorages to seek protection if necessary where no other boats of this size can go.


The superstructure is made from HONEYCOMB where we have houseboats in the water for more then 35 years. They get frozen in ice during winter and withstand high temperatures & humidity during the summer season. Due to the vacuum laminating process no moistre can penetrate into the sandwich and delamination is impossible.


Nevertheless the BEAST is very big it is easy to handle. Two separate outboard engines allow the boat to turn on a dime. The sailing version is powered by a innovative kite system and controlled by an automated flying system. All control devices meet at the central helm station with very good visability so that the boat can be single handed.


The superstructure requires a low maintenance. The outside wood is plantations Cumaru wood which also need very little maintenance. The OCEAN-BEAST team is going new ways in terms of material composition from both worlds - house and yacht equipment. For example: Instead of using vulnerable yacht equipment such as vacuum toilets we are using composting toilets with no holding tanks. The drives are two diesel outboard engines which are completely out of the water if not in use.


For the superstructure we are using resin which has no toxic evaporation after hardening. The insulation material made from Polyurethane is eco friendly and not harming the ozone shield of the earth. Since the BEAST is self sustainable, with its rainwater harvesting system the solar panels and the compost toilet system the eco balance is very positive.


The OCEAN-BEAST costs a fraction of the prize of a similar size catamaran. A water front house is also much more expensive. If your lifestyle is living on the water in harmony with nature please call us for pricing.